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Sun, 08 Jan 2017

Simple Class Example

The simple clock example exemplifies how to write up classes and bundle them into header files that can be used later on. Then you can then simply use a make file to build (not stricly necessary but you want to get into the habit): simple make file.

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Passing Vars in Inline::C

A simple example demonstrates passing data to and getting data from an C function when using Inline::C.

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CrossUI Hello World

I created something in like 5 minutes that has a silly world image, a label, a field, and a button that launches two different message box types. Yes, it is ugly mainly because none of the controls are properly aligned and the form does nothing interesting other than say hello. However, it is a web application produced without much code mainly by using a GUI RAD tool.

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C++ Projects

  1. Simple Object

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XS Info

  1. Pretty Good XS Tutorial

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Test XUI Grid
The sample was not built using the builder but rather follows the cookbook. Oddly enough if you try to open this file with the builder it will crash.

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  1. Hello World
  2. Passing Vars
  3. Profiling
  4. Ease of Deployment

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