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Wed, 15 Feb 2017

HTML/CSS Samples

I have this very old book (I'll skip the name/author) on designing web sites using HTML and tables -- something nearly verbotten nowadays. Anyway, I got the idea of redoing the examples using CSS. I'm no CSS expert and some of these examples simply may not work across all browsers but here they go.

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Cellpadding and Cellspacing

Here's what I changed to achieve the equivalent of the old cellpadding and cellspacing properties that you would use on an HTML table (output is a diff from the last example to this one):

<              float : right;
<              width : 200px;
>              float : left;
>              width : 400px;

11c11 < border-spacing: 2px;
> border-spacing: 10px;
20c20 < padding: 2px; > padding: 10px;

22a23,25 > .aTableCellLeft { width: 40%; } > .aTableCellRight { width: 50%; } >

28,29c31,32 < float : right; < width : 100px; > float : left; > width : 200px;

52,53c55,56 < <span class="aTableCell" id="span1">This is my first table cell</span> < <span class="aTableCell" id="span2">This is my second table cell. Second cells are really not that big a deal.</span> > <span class="aTableCell aTableCellLeft" id="span1">This is my first table cell</span> > <span class="aTableCell aTableCellRight" id="span2">This is my second table cell. Second cells are really not that big a deal.</span>

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Mon, 13 Feb 2017

Simple Table w/Media Query

Table-like design need not do without media queries. I used the same idea behind the media query example and applied it to the first example).

Again, here is the markup:

Here's the thing: you have to be wary of the order of your CSS. If the media query came before the base definition the results would be different. Try it yourself.

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Sat, 11 Feb 2017

Interlude 1: Media Queries

One minute -- this book was written back before media queries. I've created a very simple example of a media query that changes some text when you change the size of the screen. I'll have to apply this to a table design if I'm to use tables generally in design across devices.

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Wed, 08 Feb 2017

Simple Table

The very first example was, unsurprisingly, to build a table and then add some text to the cells. The text is of different sizes (one has more characters than the other -- a significant point as you can see). Here is the markup:

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